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Microsoft® SharePoint™ Designer 2016: Level 2 Course Outline

Lesson 1: Working with ASP.NET Forms
Topic 1A: Create an ASP.NET Form
Topic 1B: Modify Form Control Properties
Topic 1C: Validate Inputs
Topic 1D: Customize an Interactive Button

Lesson 2: Integrate Data Sources
Topic 2A: Implementing Data Sources and Displaying Data in Data Views
Topic 2B: Access a Data Source
Topic 2C: Import Data into a Data View
Topic 2D: Update the Data View Presentation
Topic 2E: Work with the Data View Commands

Lesson 3: Using SharePoint Site Templates
Topic 3A: Open an Existing Subsite and Create a New Web Page from an Existing Template
Topic 3B: Save a Customized Page
Topic 3C: Revert a Customized Page
Topic 3D: Save a Customized Site as a SharePoint Site Template

Lesson 4: Advanced Data Integration Using SharePoint Designer 2016
Topic 4A: Move Data View Web Parts to Different Web Part Zones
Topic 4B: Displaying Data from a Linked Data Source in a Data View
Topic 4C: Reference and Consume a Web Service
Topic 4D: Display XML Data with XSLT

Lesson 5: Update Workflows Using SharePoint Designer 2016
Topic 5A: Opening and Modifying an Existing Workflow
Topic 5B: Deploy and Test the Custom Workflow

Lesson 6: Administering a SharePoint Site Using SharePoint Designer 2016
Topic 6A: Configure Contributor Settings
Topic 6B: Generate Usability Reports
Topic 6C: Optimize the HTML for a SharePoint Site
Topic 6D: Spell Check a SharePoint Site
Topic 6E: Back Up and Restore a SharePoint Site
Topic 6F: Migrating a SharePoint Site