BTII Institute Project Management 


Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation 2016: Level 1 Course

Lesson 1: Understanding Windows® SharePoint® Services 3.0
Topic 1A: Introduction to Windows SharePoint Services
Topic 1B: The Windows SharePoint Services Team Site
Lesson 2: Working with Lists
Topic 2A: Add List Items
Topic 2B: Modify List Items
Topic 2C: Change a List View
Topic 2D: Create a Personal View
Lesson 3: Working with Libraries
Topic 3A: Add Documents to a Library
Topic 3B: Create Wiki Pages
Topic 3C: Open and Edit Library Files
Lesson 4: Communicating with Team Members
Topic 4A: Participate in a Discussion Board
Topic 4B: Contribute to Blogs
Topic 4C: Collaborate via the People and Groups List

Lesson 5: Working Remotely with SharePoint Content
Topic 5A: View SharePoint Content from Mobile Devices
Topic 5B: Work with SharePoint Content Offline in Microsoft Office 2007

Lesson 6: Customizing Your SharePoint Environment
Topic 6A: Customize Personal and Regional Settings
Topic 6B: Create an Alert
Topic 6C: Subscribe to an RSS Feed
Topic 6D: Create a Personal Page View with Web Parts
Topic 6E: Request Access to SharePoint Resources
Lesson 7: Creating a Team Site
Topic 7A: Create a Site
Topic 7B: Create a Workspace
Topic 7C: Add a List
Topic 7D: Create a Public View
Topic 7E: Add a Library
Topic 7F: Create a Survey
Topic 7G: Grant Access to a SharePoint Site
Lesson 8: Performing Basic Site Administration
Topic 8A: Manage Users and Groups
Topic 8B: Manage Site Look and Feel
Topic 8C: Perform Basic Content Management