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Free New Jersey State-Funded Training Grants and Employer Financing

v Free Training Grants
Free New Jersey State-funded Training grants are available for eligible displaced workers and other New Jersey residents receiving State aid to more quickly gain employment.  BTII is certified by New Jersey State to provide training and accept direct payment from the State for qualified individuals.  To learn more contact BTII at 973-325-9001 or .  You can also inquire at your local One-Stop Career Center.  Learn about the government training funding available.  Some of the funding sources from this link are listed below.

Workforce Development Partnership Act (WDP) - Provides individual training grants of up to $4,000 to dislocated and displaced workers. While in training students can still collect your unemployment insurance and may be eligible for additional benefits while in training.
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - Provides training grants to eligible disadvantaged and dislocated workers.  These grants average about $4,000 to cover the cost of tuition and students can continue to collect unemployment insurance, welfare or food stamps while attending school.  

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Learn more about the National Emergency Grant (NEG) Fund - The NEG will fund reemployment services to enable displaced workers at all levels of the financial sector to receive retraining, skills assessments, career counseling and other assistance to help them find new opportunities to employ their talents and skills in the workforce.

v Employer Financing - Staff Training Benefits 
Most employers have training budgets to create a more productive and effective workforce.  BTII’s course offering lead to greater productivity, cost savings and greater profitability.  Many employers have Direct Pay and Tuition Reimbursement benefits.  Please contact your Training or Human Resources department to inquire.
v Employer Financing - Severance Package Benefits
Many employers provide a training stipend as part of their severance packages.  If you have been or will be laid off check with your Human Resources department or outplacement services to determine if training/retraining funding is available.